Caridad Cole is a Los Angeles-based writer, filmmaker, and avid enthusiast of the strange and surreal. Her poetry has appeared in Tiger Leaping Review and Vocivia Magazine, she has forthcoming fiction in The EastOver Anthology of Rural Stories, Volume II: Writers of Color, and she is the 2018 recipient of three awards by Words for Charity for her short stories "Empty Houses" and "In a Town Called Albatross". Under her own production company, pico bonito, she has released several experimental short films and animations. Caridad frequently works in magical realism, a tradition she weaves throughout her multidisciplinary work, as well as in the speculative literary and art magazine she founded in 2023, Moonday Mag.
In her free time, she rescues secondhand clothing, practices henna, and maintains her beloved dream journal. 

If you'd like to collaborate, she's available for editorial services, film directing, and creative design work. Contact her @ or follow her through the tunnels of the internet. ↴
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