The Rabbit Sisters (2021) ~ Vocal Media
When a little girl wakes up in her foster home to find that her older sister has climbed out of the bedroom window, she must find the courage to follow the trail of clues, and ultimately decide who will remain in their chosen family.
* Forthcoming in "The EastOver Anthology of Rural Stories, Volume II: Writers of Color" (EastOver Press)

Empty Houses (2018) ~ Words for Charity
You wake up in bed but you're not you. Not anymore. And you never will be again. Who are you? Where are you? And what's next? Empty Houses follows a person who doesn't own their own body, but has pretty much come to terms with it.

In a Town Called Albatross (2018) ~ Words for Charity
In a town called Albatross, the peacekeepers are rarely seen, but plenty feared. They will only make an appearance when one finds themselves failing, miserable, no longer contributing, a burden – and quite literally, for the birds.
* Winner of the 2018 Compassionate Chronicle Award

Tunneling ~ forthcoming in Vocivia Magazine, Issue V
"A wonderfully macabre portrait of longing, loneliness, the other, and deliciously twisted paranoia."

The Poetess (2023) ~ Tiger Leaping Review, Issue 1
A "dark and delicate" ode to girlhood.